How can I add an Admin on Instagram?

On Facebook, it is easy to add an Admin to your Facebook page. But how can you add an admin on an Instagram account?

Unfortunately, Instagram only lets you have one login per Instagram account, and does not allow you to name Admins, so you would need to be willing to share your username and password with someone else.

Alternatively, you could use a social media scheduling tool to allow multiple people to post to the same Instagram account.


OneUp is a social media scheduling tool that allows you to schedule your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Inside of OneUp, you can invite other users onto your OneUp account (where they will create their own username and password). Once they accept the invitation, they can schedule posts to the Instagram account connected to OneUp, but they will not know the login credentials for the Instagram account.

This is the easiest workaround for adding an Admin to your Instagram account.

Here are some of the features of OneUp:

Direct scheduling to Instagram from a computer – OneUp allows you to schedule and post directly to Instagram and Instagram Stories from a computer, no push notification necessary.

Posting to multiple accounts – For people who are posting to more than one social network at a time, OneUp makes it easy to post to Facebook Pages and Groups, LinkedIn profiles and pages, Twitter, Google My Business, Pinterest, and Instagram (including Instagram Stories) all at once.

Repeating post – OneUp gives you the option to repeat your posts automatically. This allows you to resurface old posts that otherwise would have never been seen again.

Auto-posting via RSS feeds – If there are any blogs, publications, podcasts, or YouTube channels that put out good content consistently, you can add the RSS feed links in OneUp, then whenever new content is posted from those places, it is automatically shared to the pages you select.

Chrome Extension – Using the OneUp Chrome extension, you can easily schedule many images at once from any website, such as sunsets for example.

Customizable UTM parameters – OneUp lets you customize UTM parameters so you can keep track of how your links are performing in Google Analytics.

Link Shortening – Connect your Bitly account and OneUp will automatically shorten any links and allow you to track clicks through Bitly.

Posting to Google My Business – OneUp is one of the few social media scheduling tools that supports Google My Business post scheduling. OneUp supports Call-To-Action buttons, and different post types such as Event posts.

If you are looking for an easy way to add an Admin to your Instagram account, then give OneUp a try.

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