How to automate Instagram posts

This post shows you how to automate Instagram posts.

Are you tired of constantly searching for an image to post on Instagram, downloading the image, then uploading that image to Instagram from your phone? Are you trying to automate Instagram posts?

OneUp makes it easy to automate Instagram posts through RSS feeds.

To automate Instagram posts using OneUp, connect your Instagram account(s), then you click “Add new feed” on the RSS feed page.

Then add your RSS feed URL and select which Instagram account you want to post to.

You can choose multiple accounts at once, and you can also choose to post the same RSS feed to Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Facebook pages, or Facebook groups.

Depending on your selection, OneUp will schedule either just the most recent post, or the 10 most recent posts from that RSS feed at the minimum interval you set.

Moving forward, it will continuously check that RSS feed and automatically post to Instagram whenever there is something new. You have now automated your Instagram posts.

As long as the RSS feed has an image, OneUp will post that image automatically, with the blog post title as the caption.

OneUp provides a simple way to automate Instagram posts via RSS feeds. You can connect an unlimited amount of RSS feeds to your OneUp account.

OneUp makes it easy to automate Instagram posts.

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