List of the 40 largest Facebook groups (2021 update)

Facebook does not provide a way to sort all Facebook groups by size. However, below is a list of the 40 largest Facebook groups in 2021.

List of 40 of the biggest Facebook groups:

Facebook GroupMembersPublic or Private
Evergreen Bangladesh11,545,851Public
Our Evergreen Bangladesh6,324,077Public
Kersh Keepers Official Group3,846,287Private
Be Like Bro3,333,869Private
WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW3,192,986Private
Pantsuit Nation x Supermajority3,093,872Private
Maths Formulas2,947,217Public
Instant Pot Community2,734,067Public
OFFICIALLY FAME 🐰2,407,435Private
View from my window2,343,188Public
Motivational Quotes2,343,117Public
+ 30 more FB Groups (see below)

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Facebook groups are a great way to build a community around a product, cause, or idea. Many businesses have been built by leveraging large Facebook groups.

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        1. Hey Thomas, it looks like maybe Facebook deleted the group? Feel free to reply with another link if you find it.

          1. The group is still going and is up to 1.4 million members. “Nationwide recount 2020”. I’m still part of the group. Facebook is trying to silence this group. The group is still going.

      1. Bro Please re update the list entertainment hq and be like bro have been deleted by fb team and mathsformulas is on 3.8M

      2. Missing the new group at 1.4 million Biden is not my president only 2 weeks old will be the biggest by end of the year

    1. This list is wrong! Joe Biden Not My President Group already has over 1.5 million members. 1000’s join it every single day.

  1. Please add “royalist marketplace”
    Right now it has 1,065,000+ members

  2. Please add Boruto: Naruto Next Generations with 1,288,000+ members and One Piece- One million fans nearing the 1.1M members

  3. What I do not like is FBs effort to recruit new members for our Groups based on some algorithm of their location or some obscure mention of a related word to the FB page in question! We chum members that are related directly to the issues the FB page is about! This creates member requests from SPAMERS, Our of area/issues complainers & trouble makers! Researching new member requests properly is a complex time consuming “job” , especially a FB page that is not $ related or adds! Please STOP Chumming for certain FB types of operation.

  4. This group “รอยัลลิสต์มาร์เก็ตเพลส(Royalist Marketplace)” now 23/10/2020 this group have 2M member. (but this group not for royalism)

  5. รอยัลลิสต์มาร์เก็ตเพลส-ตลาดหลวง has 1,985,425 members (the old one was “รอยัลลิสต์มาร์เก็ตเพลส” but got blocked by Thai goverment in Thailand) The group was private. might wanna update the list!

  6. Hi. The “Our Evergreen Bangladesh” group (more than 6,300,000 members) got taken down by Facebook. So it must be removed from the list.

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