Can you schedule posts on the new “Threads by Instagram”?

Instagram recently released its new “Threads” social media app that looks and feels a lot like Twitter, and passed over 100 million users within the first few days.

Many people are now wondering: Is there a way to schedule posts on Threads?

The answer is: YES!

You can schedule posts to Threads with OneUp

NOTE: Unfortunately Threads does not have an API yet, so that means the only way to schedule posts to Threads is via mobile notifications

How to schedule posts on Threads

When you schedule a Threads post with OneUp, OneUp’s mobile app will send you a notification each time your scheduled Threads post is ready to be published.

Please note that it will NOT post directly to Threads, as that is not possible at this time.

How to connect a Threads account

On the Accounts page of OneUp, click the Threads Connect button:

Schedule posts on Threads by Instagram

Then click “Create a post”:

Schedule Threads posts

Next, add your text description, and any photos or videos:

Then choose to schedule your post, post now, or save it as a draft:

Threads scheduling tool

How do Threads notifications work?

You’ll receive a push notification on your phone at the time you scheduled the post for.

Tap the notification, and it will open your post in the OneUp mobile app:

Posting to Threads

Tap “Share this on Threads”, and your post caption will automatically be copied. Then just select the Threads app here:

Then you are ready to paste in your caption. Tap in the caption box and you will get a “Paste” option:

Your caption was automatically copied to your phone previously, so you just need to paste it in:

You are now ready to share your Threads post! 😊

OneUp’s website:

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