How do I get my Facebook posts to automatically post to Twitter?

Many people have requests like this: I want to post to Facebook natively, but then have that post automatically go to Twitter as well. Here is how to do it with OneUp. First, you must go to (which is free) and create an RSS feed of the social account you want to post FROM. Then copy […]

What is a Citation Builder Pro alternative?

Citation Builder Pro supports scheduling Google My Business posts. However, Citation Builder Pro starts at $37/month. OneUp  is a Citation Builder Pro alternative starting at $5/month. OneUp supports GMB, in addition to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Google My Business is an easy way for businesses to stand out in local SEO, and posts on GMB have […]

Why am I unable to schedule a post on my Facebook page?

Facebook recently made some changes and removed the ability to schedule posts on Facebook pages. There are a few different options now: Save your post as a draft. After saving it as a draft, find the post in your drafts section. You will then see the option to schedule it for a future date and […]

Here is a free alternative to Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is no longer a free tool. Here is the best free Keywords Everywhere alternative. 1. Keyword Surfer Keyword Surfer is a great free alternative to Keywords Everywhere. Just like with Keywords Everywhere, Keyword Surfer is a Chrome extension that allows you to see search volume directly in the Google search engine results page. […]

I saved a draft post on my personal Facebook profile. Where is it?

Here is how to find saved draft posts on a personal Facebook profile. While on your mobile device, you may have been typing a post, then when asked “Save This Post as a Draft?”, you chose “Save Draft”. To find this draft again, just create a post again by tapping on the “What’s on your […]

How to add Facebook Stories to your Business page

This post goes over how to add a Facebook Story to your Facebook Business page from a computer. Facebook Stories are becoming increasingly popular, with Facebook doing their best to push Stories by putting them at the very top of everyone’s News Feed. To take advantage of this newer channel, many businesses are looking to […]

What is a good Social Report alternative?

Need an alternative to Social Report for scheduling social media posts? OneUp is a Social Report alternative starting at only $9/month. Here are some of the features: Direct scheduling to Instagram from a computer – OneUp allows you to schedule and post directly to Instagram and Instagram Stories from a computer, no push notification necessary. […]

How to schedule repeating posts on Facebook Pages

This post shows you how to schedule repeating posts on Facebook Pages. Many Facebook Page admins often have themed posts for each day of the week, where followers engage with the post based on the theme. Some of the ones I have seen are: It’s Monday, what are you working on today? Happy Friday! What […]

How to auto-post from one social network to another?

This post goes over how to auto-post from one social network to another. Many people have requests like this: I am looking to set something up so that when I post on Facebook natively, it automatically posts the same thing on Instagram and Google My Business. OR I want to post to Twitter natively, but […]

How to auto-post RSS feed to social media?

This post goes over how to auto-post your RSS feed to social media. Many people want to set up a way to automatically post content from a blog RSS feed (or any RSS feed for that matter) to their social media accounts, whether that be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Google My Business. Here is […]