Buffer vs Hootsuite – Which is better?

Buffer and Hootsuite are two of the most popular social media management tools. Many people wonder though: What’s the difference between Buffer and Hootsuite? or Is Buffer or Hootsuite better? Here is a comparison of Buffer vs Hootsuite: Pricing Buffer – Buffer has a basic free plan: 3 social accounts, 10 scheduled posts, 1 user. […]

Can I schedule Google My Business posts to a chain?

March 2020 update: Google now allows chains to schedule GMB posts for the time being: Note: In response to coronavirus (COVID-19), chains may now create Posts via the API for a limited time. Posts made by Chains should be related to business updates relevant to coronavirus (COVID-19). More info can be found here: https://developers.google.com/my-business/content/posts-data This means that […]

The difference between images and link previews in social media posts

When you add a link to your post, it should publish to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter with a link preview (for Twitter, only if the link comes at the very end of the tweet though). However, when you add an image to your post with a link in it, the image will override any link […]

Is there a Zapier zap for Google My Business posts?

Unfortunately there is no current Zapier zap for Google My Business posts. However, you can auto-post to Google My Business using OneUp. Many people are looking to post to their Facebook page, and then have that post automatically go to Google My Business posts as well. Here is how to do it with OneUp. First, you […]

How to auto-post scheduled Instagram Stories

You can schedule Instagram Stories with OneUp. When you schedule an Instagram Story with OneUp, it will auto-post to Instagram directly at the scheduled time, no push notifications needed. How to schedule Instagram Stories In OneUp, choose “Schedule Instagram Story” from the Schedule Post dropdown. 2. Then click on the “Select Images” button. You can […]

How to automate Instagram posts

This post shows you how to automate Instagram posts. Are you tired of constantly searching for an image to post on Instagram, downloading the image, then uploading that image to Instagram from your phone? Are you trying to automate Instagram posts? OneUp makes it easy to automate Instagram posts through RSS feeds. To automate Instagram […]

How to automatically post RSS feed to Google My Business with CTA buttons

Yes, you can automatically post an RSS feed to Google My Business. The easiest way to post to Google My Business via RSS feeds is with OneUp. The process is simple. Just connect your Google My Business account on the Accounts page. Click “Add new feed” on the RSS page. Then add your RSS feed […]

How to comment as a company page on Linkedin

You are reading this because you have a LinkedIn page for your company, and you want to know how to comment on other people’s posts as your company. Here is how you can do it. How to comment on other people’s posts as a company page on LinkedIn Go to your LinkedIn company page 2. […]