What is a good Local Viking alternative?

Local Viking seems to have lost access to the Google My Business API for scheduling GMB posts. Here is a Local Viking alternative: OneUp: Local Viking alternative OneUp is a Local Viking alternative for scheduling Google My Business posts and posting to multiple GMB locations at the same time. When you sign up, you can […]

Can you link multiple Instagram accounts to 1 Facebook Page?

You have multiple Business Instagram accounts. You are wondering if you can link more than one Business Instagram account to a Facebook Page. The Answer: No, unfortunately 😕 Facebook only allows one Business Instagram account can be linked to one Facebook Page. And visa versa: Only one Facebook Page can be linked to one Business […]

The 31 biggest subreddits (2021 update)

Here is a list of the 31 biggest subreddits, ranked by number of subscribers (list updated in 2021): Rank Reddit Subscribers 1 /r/announcements 80,972,327 2 /r/funny 34,942,903 3 /r/AskReddit 30,987,366 4 /r/gaming 29,099,784 5 /r/aww 27,792,097 6 /r/Music 26,758,361 7 /r/pics 26,482,511 8 /r/science 25,820,102 9 /r/worldnews 25,609,819 10 /r/videos 24,642,802 11 /r/todayilearned 24,500,738 12 […]

How to post to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at the same time

This post goes over how to post to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at the same time. For anyone that posts the same thing to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you know how annoying it can be to switch between all 3, copying and pasting the same post on each of them. Instead of doing that, here […]

How to post to multiple Facebook pages at once

This post shows how to post to multiple Facebook pages at the same time. For anyone who posts the same thing to multiple Facebook pages, you are familiar with the struggle of copying and pasting the same post and photo across your multiple Facebook pages If you need a simple way to schedule and post […]

Why can’t I retweet anything on Twitter? Here is the solution

Twitter recently made an update making it seem like you can no longer retweet like normal anymore. At first glance, it seems like you can only quote retweet (where you need to add your own comments to the retweet): However, you can still indeed do a normal retweet on Twitter without needing to do a […]

List of the 25 largest Facebook groups (2021 update)

Facebook does not provide a way to sort all Facebook groups by size. However, below is a list of the 25 largest Facebook groups in 2021. List of 25 of the biggest Facebook groups: Facebook Group Members Public or Private Evergreen Bangladesh 11,545,851 Public HAIRSTYLES 6,884,957 Public Our Evergreen Bangladesh 6,324,077 Public ENTERTAINMENT HQ 4,950,814 […]

How do I switch between Instagram accounts on computer?

Instagram allows you to switch between up to 5 different Instagram accounts on the mobile app. However, what if you want to switch between Instagram account on your computer? Switch between Instagram accounts on a computer To switch between Instagram accounts from a computer, simply click your profile photo in the top right corner, then […]

Buffer no longer supports personal Instagram accounts. Here is an alternative

In October 2020, Buffer decided to no longer support personal Instagram accounts, only supporting business Instagram accounts instead. Here is Buffer alternative for scheduling posts to a personal Instagram account You can still indeed schedule posts to personal Instagram accounts using reminders sent to your phone. Buffer is just choosing not to support it. Here […]