How do I switch between Instagram accounts on computer?

Instagram allows you to switch between up to 5 different Instagram accounts on the mobile app. However, what if you want to switch between Instagram account on your computer? Switch between Instagram accounts on a computer To switch between Instagram accounts from a computer, simply click your profile photo in the top right corner, then […]

Buffer no longer supports personal Instagram accounts. Here is an alternative

In October 2020, Buffer decided to no longer support personal Instagram accounts, only supporting business Instagram accounts instead. Here is Buffer alternative for scheduling posts to a personal Instagram account You can still indeed schedule posts to personal Instagram accounts using reminders sent to your phone. Buffer is just choosing not to support it. Here […]

Why can’t I retweet anything on Twitter? Here is the solution

Twitter recently made an update making it seem like you can no longer retweet like normal anymore. At first glance, it seems like you can only quote retweet (where you need to add your own comments to the retweet): However, you can still indeed do a normal retweet on Twitter without needing to do a […]

Can you schedule Twitter threads in TweetDeck?

Tweetdeck allows you to schedule Tweets in advance, but can you schedule Twitter threads for the future with TweetDeck? Unfortunately TweetDeck does not allow you to schedule Twitter threads. If you need a way to schedule Twitter threads, you can look into an alternative tool such as OneUp. How to schedule Twitter threads OneUp is […]

How to write an Article on a LinkedIn company page

LinkedIn allows you to publish both Posts and Articles (more like long blog posts) to your personal profile. But does LinkedIn allow you to write an Article on a LinkedIn company page? No. Unfortunately Articles can only be posted by personal profiles on LinkedIn, not company pages. On your personal profile, you will see you […]

Here is the most liked Facebook post of all time

The most liked Facebook post of all time belongs to Nick Vujicic, posted on March 31, 2014. Nick’s Facebook post has received over 15 million likes. So who is Nick Vujicic? Born limbless, Nick Vujicic is a New York Times best-selling author, world-renowned speaker, coach, and entrepreneur. He is the host of “The Nick Vujicic […]

How to post TO Instagram from an RSS feeds

This post shows you how to post to Instagram from RSS feeds. Using OneUp, go to the “Auto-post from RSS feeds” page. Then click “Add new feed”. Then add your RSS feed URL and select which Instagram account you want to post to. You can choose multiple Instagram accounts at once, and you can also […]

How to post to multiple Facebook Groups at the same time

So you are looking to post to multiple Facebook Groups at the same time. The first question is, are you trying to post to multiple Facebook Groups that you are the admin of, or are you trying to post to multiple Facebook Groups that you are only a member of? Posting to multiple Facebook Groups […]

How to add a Facebook Page as Admin in a Facebook Group

Did you know that you can add your Facebook Page as an Admin of your Facebook Group? To add your Facebook Page as Admin of your Group, you just need to follow a few simple steps. How to link your Facebook Business Page to a Group First go to your Facebook Group, and click “Edit […]

List of the 25 largest Facebook groups (2020 update)

Facebook does not provide a way to sort all Facebook groups by size. However, below is a list of the 25 largest Facebook groups in 2020. Facebook groups are a great way to build a community around a product, cause, or idea. Many businesses have been built by leveraging large Facebook groups. List of 25 […]