Social media scheduling tool that allows clients to connect their accounts WITHOUT needing to login

You run social media for a few clients.

Maybe you have a big marketing agency.

You use a social media scheduling tool, but it’s always awkward getting new clients’ accounts connected.

You might ask them to make you Admin of their social media accounts.

Or maybe you add them as a team member on your social media scheduling tool, but now they have to sign up for yet another thing. And maybe you don’t really want to add them as a team member on your account.

The solution: With OneUp (an awesome social media scheduler), you can give clients a link to connect their social accounts to OneUp, WITHOUT them needing to create a OneUp account or be added as a team member 😎

The link your client’s receive will give them the ability to connect (or refresh the connection of) their social accounts—but NOT anything else:

And best of all, OneUp allows for UNLIMITED social accounts for a flat $300/month.

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