Google My Business support phone number

Here are your options for getting in touch with Google My Business support:

Google My Business support phone number: 1-844-491-9665

Google My Business Twitter: @GoogleMyBiz

Google My Business Community:

From the Google My Business Community, you can click “Contact Us” in the top right corner and choose what you need help with:

  • Access and Ownership
  • Verification
  • Business information & edits
  • Customer reviews and photos
  • Connect with customers
  • Finding listings on Google
  • Organization account for agencies
  • API

Need an easy way to schedule and automatically repeat Google My Business posts?

The fact that your Google My Business posts expire after 7 days means that you have to constantly go back into GMB and post something week after week, again and again.

The solution: schedule out your Google My Business posts weeks or even months ahead of time.

OneUp allows you to schedule and set your Google My Business posts to automatically repeat. You can schedule the same post across multiple Google My Business accounts and locations at the same time. The best part is it’s only $4/month.

The process is simple. Just connect your Google My Business account on the Accounts page.

Then schedule your GMB post, optionally adding any link or image to the post.

Then add your Call-To-Action button and a link.

In addition to just scheduling posts, OneUp allows you to set GMB posts to automatically repeat at custom intervals — such as once a week or once a month.

This allows you to reap the benefits of being active on Google My Business, without the hassle of constantly going back in every week to manually post something once your post expires.

Then choose to post it now, or schedule it for a date in the future.

Here is what the post looks like inside your Google My Business account:

And here is what the post looks like on the Google search results page:

Try out a free 7-day trial at

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