How to use ChatGPT without an account

When you go to it prompts you to create an account before you can use ChatGPT:

If you try to sign up for an OpenAI account, it tells you that you phone verification is required for signup:

But what if you dont have a phone, or dont want to verify with your phone number for whatever reason?

Here is how to use ChatGPT without signing up for an OpenAI account

  1. Install the Merlin Chrome Extension on your web browser.

You dont need to sign into OpenAI or ChatGPT to use Merlin, but you do have to sign in to Merlin via your Google account to use the extension. However, phone verification is NOT required with Merlin 🤓

Merlin can be used for almost anything, be it generating responses to chats or writing emails.

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  1. I was attempting to sign up for an OpenAI account and was even willing to pay them for the premium service, but their membership process and customer support is horrendous. I kept getting a message saying my phone number was flagged for suspicious activity even though I had never signed up for an openAI account nor used chatGPT before.

    Your post was the only one that offered me a solution to use chatGPT without signing up that actually worked, so cheers!

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