Here’s how to schedule a WhatsApp message

To schedule a WhatsApp message, you can use a WhatsApp message scheduling tool like OneUp.

OneUp currently supports scheduling Instagram Stories and Reels, TikTok videos, and YouTube Shorts (in addition to Facebook, X, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Threads, and Google Business Profiles).

We will be adding the ability to schedule WhatsApp messages to OneUp in the near future.

Schedule Whatsapp messages

If you are interested in scheduling WhatsApp messages with OneUp, please send me (Davis, the co-founder of OneUp) an email at with the subject line “WhatsApp“.

We will notify you as soon as scheduling WhatsApp messages is supported in OneUp 😊 (and we promise we won’t send you anything else).

The more people that email me about it, the more resources we will put into getting it done faster.

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