How to auto-post scheduled Instagram Stories

You can schedule Instagram Stories with OneUp. When you schedule an Instagram Story with OneUp, it will auto-post to Instagram directly at the scheduled time, no push notifications needed.

How to schedule Instagram Stories

  1. In OneUp, choose “Schedule Instagram Story” from the Schedule Post dropdown.

2. Then click on the “Select Images” button.

You can upload a single image, or multiple images at one time.

Unfortunately video Instagram Stories are not supported at this time.

3. After the images are uploaded, click to select which Instagram accounts to schedule your Instagram Stories to.

4. Then click the “Schedule” button and select when the Instagram Stories should be auto-posted.

That’s it. That is how you schedule an Instagram Story to be auto-posted.

When the time comes, your scheduled Instagram Stories will auto-post directly to Instagram through OneUp, no push notifications or reminders necessary.

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