How to schedule Instagram Reels

This post goes over how to schedule Instagram Reels. Instagram Reels are very popular, but unfortunately Instagram does not allow Reels to ahead of time. Here is how to schedule Instagram Reels using OneUp. How to schedule Reels on Instagram Connect your Instagram account in OneUp Click “Schedule Instagram Story” Upload your video Schedule your […]

How to schedule Stocktwits posts

This post goes over how to schedule posts on Stocktwits. Stocktwits is a real-time social network for investors and traders. It is the largest social network for finance. Many Stocktwits users would like to be able to schedule their posts for the future, rather than publishing all their posts in a short amount of time. OneUp […]

How to schedule Pinterest Pins more than 2 weeks into the future?

So you are trying to schedule out your Pins on Pinterest. You schedule out 2 weeks of Pinterest Pins using Pinterest’s scheduler. Then you try to schedule a Pin for the 3rd week, and realize that Pinterest only lets you schedule Pins up to 2 weeks in advance. Every date after that is grayed out: […]

Can you link multiple Instagram accounts to 1 Facebook Page?

You have multiple Business Instagram accounts. You are wondering if you can link more than one Business Instagram account to a Facebook Page. The Answer: No, unfortunately 😕 Facebook only allows one Business Instagram account can be linked to one Facebook Page. And visa versa: Only one Facebook Page can be linked to one Business […]

What is an IFTTT alternative for LinkedIn?

When LinkedIn updated their API in March of 2019, it meant that IFTTT no longer worked with LinkedIn. Here is a look at an IFTTT alternative for automating LinkedIn posts. OneUp OneUp is an IFTTT alternative for LinkedIn that allows you to automate posts on LinkedIn. First connect your LinkedIn account to OneUp by clicking […]

How to auto-post RSS feed to social media?

This post goes over how to auto-post your RSS feed to social media. Many people want to set up a way to automatically post content from a blog RSS feed (or any RSS feed for that matter) to their social media accounts, whether that be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Google My Business. Here is […]

How to comment as a company page on Linkedin

You are reading this because you have a LinkedIn page for your company, and you want to know how to comment on other people’s posts as your company. Here is how you can do it. How to comment on other people’s posts as a company page on LinkedIn Go to your LinkedIn company page Click […]

How to post to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at the same time

This post goes over how to post to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at the same time. For anyone that posts the same thing to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you know how annoying it can be to switch between all 3, copying and pasting the same post on each of them. Instead of doing that, here […]

Social Media Tools Spreadsheet [90 different tools]

Here is a social media tools spreadsheet comparing the free plan and starting price of 90 different social media scheduling tools. Find the social media tools spreadsheet here. This social media tools spreadsheet compares the free plan, starting price, and supported social networks of 90 different social media scheduling tools. Social media tools that only […]

Why can’t I retweet anything on Twitter? Here is the solution

Twitter recently made an update making it seem like you can no longer retweet like normal anymore. At first glance, it seems like you can only quote retweet (where you need to add your own comments to the retweet): However, you can still indeed do a normal retweet on Twitter without needing to do a […]