How to schedule repeating posts on Facebook Pages

This post shows you how to schedule repeating posts on Facebook Pages. Many Facebook Page admins often have themed posts for each day of the week, where followers engage with the post based on the theme. Some of the ones I have seen are: It’s Monday, what are you working on today? Happy Friday! What […]

How to post to multiple LinkedIn accounts at once

This post shows how to post to multiple LinkedIn accounts at the same time, whether they be LinkedIn personal profiles or LinkedIn business pages. For anyone who posts the same thing to multiple LinkedIn, you are familiar with the struggle of copying and pasting the same post and photo across your multiple LinkedIn accounts. If […]

Buffer no longer supports personal Instagram accounts. Here is an alternative

In October 2020, Buffer decided to no longer support personal Instagram accounts, only supporting business Instagram accounts instead. Here is Buffer alternative for scheduling posts to a personal Instagram account You can still indeed schedule posts to personal Instagram accounts using reminders sent to your phone. Buffer is just choosing not to support it. Here […]

How to write an Article on a LinkedIn company page

LinkedIn allows you to publish both Posts and Articles (more like long blog posts) to your personal profile. But does LinkedIn allow you to write an Article on a LinkedIn company page? Yes! Articles can only be posted by both personal profiles and company pages on LinkedIn. On either your company page or your personal […]

How to add a Facebook Page as Admin in a Facebook Group

Did you know that you can add your Facebook Page as an Admin of your Facebook Group? To add your Facebook Page as Admin of your Group, you just need to follow a few simple steps. How to link your Facebook Business Page to a Group First go to your Facebook Group, and click “Edit […]

How to schedule posts to a Facebook Group as a Page

If you run a Facebook Group, you may be familiar with the fact that your Facebook Page can be made admin of your Facebook Group. Once your Page is an admin, you can choose to interact as your page, then create a post, and then click the schedule button (the clock icon) to schedule your […]

How to auto-post Shopify products to Facebook?

This post goes over how to auto-post the products from your Shopify store to Facebook and other social media. You have a Shopify store. You want an easy way to automatically post the products from your Shopify store to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or maybe even Google My Business. Here is how to auto-post your Shopify […]

What happened to Buffer’s RSS feed feature?

Buffer used to support RSS feeds via their Content Inbox feature, where you could have posts from the RSS feeds come into your Buffer account, and then choose which of the posts from the RSS feed you would like to publish. Unfortunately in May of 2020, Buffer has gotten rid of its RSS feed Content […]

Buffer vs Hootsuite – Which is better for small businesses?

Buffer and Hootsuite are two of the most popular social media management tools for small businesses. Many people wonder though: What’s the difference between Buffer and Hootsuite? or Is Buffer or Hootsuite better for small businesses? Here is a comparison of Buffer vs Hootsuite for small businesses: Pricing Buffer – Buffer has a basic free […]