Is there a free tool to schedule Google My Business posts?

Scroll down to learn how to schedule GMB posts for free 🤓 Google My Business (aka Google Business Profile, or GBP) posts are great and can help your SEO. However, you’ve probably noticed that there is no way to schedule GBP posts for the future inside the Google Business Profile dashboard: To schedule GMB posts […]

List of the 28 best SEO Facebook Groups (2022 update)

Here is a spreadsheet of the 28 best SEO-related Facebook groups that every SEO should join. If you are interested in discussing local SEO and Google My Business tips and strategies (as opposed to SEO as a whole), join us on Local SEO Community: SEO Facebook groups list: Here are some of the included […]

What is the best Google My Business post image size? (2022 update)

This post goes over what the best image size is for Google My Business (GMB) posts. Join the Local SEO Community for in-depth discussions on all things local SEO and Google My Business. Google My Business posts are a great way to stand out from the competition and help your SEO. However, many images in […]

How to schedule Google My Business posts

This post walks through what Google My Business is, the benefits of using it, how to post, and some of the other features. If you are already familiar with Google My Business, jump down to the How to schedule Google My Business posts section. One of the newest ways to market your business is through […]

37 Google My Business post examples [With Screen Shots]

This post shows you 37 different Google My Business post examples. Posting consistently on Google My Business has been shown to improve search rankings. However, Google My Business posts are still relatively new, so some people need a little inspiration. Let’s take a look at how different businesses are using GMB posts with Google My […]

Is there a Zapier zap for Google My Business posts?

Unfortunately there is no current Zapier zap for Google My Business posts. However, you can auto-post to Google My Business using OneUp. Many people are looking to post to their Facebook page, and then have that post automatically go to Google My Business posts as well. Here is how to do it with OneUp. First, you […]

Does Buffer support Google My Business posts?

Yes, Buffer supports Google My Business. However, if you need an alternative OneUp supports GMB, in addition to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn. Google My Business is an easy way for businesses to stand out in local SEO, and posts on GMB have been shown to increase traffic and improve search rankings. However, […]

How to automatically post RSS feed to Google My Business with CTA buttons

Yes, you can automatically post an RSS feed to Google My Business. The easiest way to post to Google My Business via RSS feeds is with OneUp. The process is simple. Just connect your Google My Business account on the Accounts page. Click “Add new feed” on the RSS page. Then add your RSS feed […]

Can I schedule Google My Business posts to a chain?

March 2020 update: Google now allows chains to schedule GMB posts for the time being: Note: In response to coronavirus (COVID-19), chains may now create Posts via the API for a limited time. Posts made by Chains should be related to business updates relevant to coronavirus (COVID-19). More info can be found here: This means that […]